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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Music…The Universal Language.

I suppose the subject title truly speaks for itself. Music for me, is truly the language of the heart and it comes in all kinds of genres which for me are, lets say… people. Music affords the luxury with which to express virtually anything. Musicianship is something I do not take lightly nor anything in my life that has meaning or may have an impact on another. Music has been something that is actually very tangible when applied however you choose to apply it. 
There are NO RULES, there are no regulations. Music is simply an amazing and extremely vulnerable way to express yourself perhaps in ways you are not able to via the spoken word. I am not implying that music is a veil or perhaps something we hide behind, I am merely suggesting that music is truly the Universal Language of the Heart. I am kind of an odd character (in a good way) for when I am really feeling down I actually gravitate towards songs that are of a brooding nature. I allow myself to have that cleansing cry, to experience through music and respect that somebody with whom went to the depths of their being to write musically,something that matters and had such an amazing impact on that individual...me. 
It’s  just amazing how the world connects through music and how we use it in ways to communicate. I think it’s safe to say that most of us out there have had a situation in our lives where being a man let’s say, where chivalry has not died, and we find that perfect song that if you are a musician you wish you had written yourself, but if you are not you can be that musician for 3 minutes and 25 seconds, for that the woman you are courting now has that opportunity to listen on her terms in the quiet, what I always envision is the soft sound of rain hitting the darkened pavement and that extremely familiar smell with which absorbs and penetrates your soul and grants that chance to sincerely relax your mind and listen to the words being spoken through song through music through that person who is trying to communicate what he or she possibly could not in a public setting. 
They say that timing is everything and perhaps elements of that are true but what truly amazes me is when you deliver a song and it is performed where the emotions are literally spilling out from your headphones and spilling into your core being THAT is a moment in time nobody can take away from you.
 Being a musician myself, my biggest hope is that I have touched a heart or made an impact on an individual that perhaps helped to heal or brought a smile to a wounded heart. Oh, how emotions wound us so. My mind tends to travel at warp speed and when I have the ability to either write a song and record it or simply listen to other artists, my mind stalls and gently rests and it rests in a manner no doctoring could heal.
 Music is an amazingly good listener. Please, allow that to resonate for a moment. Music is a great listener. I wish for you all a sincere and heartfelt wish indeed and that is to let go of all the harshness or ”stuff” you may be carrying and allow MUSIC to lighten your load and bring you peace, balance and above all love. 
Respectfully, Bode Ghost!

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